Sonje: Take Your Medicine. Tell Your Truth. is available for purchase here.

Sonje means “remember” in Haitian-Creole. Sonje is an epistolary collection of poetry that follows Clement’s journey managing chronic pain and illness with secular and spiritual resources. The story uses journal entries, and more importantly, time, to paint images of the day-to-day experiences processing, managing and diagnosing her chronic illness. Sonje is organized by time and quintessential element (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit). The time helps to illustrate the progression of a chronic illness. The elements help to remind readers of the divine presence and lessons around us in nature and beyond. The collection takes readers on a unique five part journey that looks at the struggle to find healing while racing against a 27-day clock that resets every month. Sonje is raw, lyrical, vulnerable, critical and honest. Just eight short months after her inaugural project, “Pale. Pa Ale: Speak. Don’t Leave,” Clement is back to tell a story you won’t forget. Sonje.


Pale. Pa Ale. (Speak. Don't Leave) is available for purchase here!


Pale. Pa Ale is an autobiographical collection of poetry. It features poetry on the following topics: constructing a sacred self, family, education, divine love and acceptance, romantic love, war and eventual heart break, and death. Clement uses a critical lens, rhythmic sounds and rich lived experience to tell a story of liberation, mindfulness, spirituality, peace and reconciliation. Clement says, "Ultimately, my creative journey has been a pursuit of truth, embodiment, representation and immortality. After spending years in school reading what “critical scholars” thought about Blacks, Haitian migrants, Queer folks, Women, Christians and Scholars, I knew that I had to reclaim my truth and share my perspective with the world. I hope my work and story empowers other people to express their collective histories through creative expression."